Tell the world who you are with outdoor signage to highlight your presence while promoting your company’s identity.

Building signs provide an opportunity to create an unparalleled advertising tool for your company. Storefront signs not only help customers locate your business, they also inform new potential customers of the existence of your business and are part of the branding of your business to the world. Impactful business signage is still the number one reason people stop into a business they have never visited before, meaning that your investment in a high-quality and appealing storefront sign is money well spent.

Because there are so many sign type options, building signs are commonly known by many different names including;  Illuminated Signs, LED Signs, Channel Letters, Dimensional Letters, Box Signs, Pan Letters, Cabinet Signs, and Push-Through SIgns. With all the possibilities, outdoor signs can be separated into two distinct categories, Illuminated Signs and Non Illuminated SIgns.

Illuminated Signs
Illuminated signage is one of the most eye-catching and sophisticated options available in the industry. During the day they serve as exterior building signs and at night are transformed into beacons of light. Today, LEDs have replaced Neon as the most common choice for lighting. Although neon is more expensive to maintain, they can be preferred when a specific look or design is desired.

Illuminated channel letters and logos are one of the most common types of signs and can be illuminated in several ways. Front lit channel letters are basically aluminum cans where the light is shown through translucent polycarbonate faces. Faces can be white or almost any color in the rainbow. Reverse channel letters on the other hand, also known as backlit or halo lit, are the reverse of front lit letters. Faces are solid and the backs of the letters have the translucent face to allow light to shine through the back of the letter and reflect against the building or backplate they are attached to giving a halo effect. These two methods of lit channel letters can also be combined to allow light to shine from both the front and back of the letter. Similar to individual channel letters and logos are, cabinet, or box signs which have the option of push through elements for additional depth.

Outdoor LED signs, or Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) are computerized programmable electronic message boards. EMCs allow your message to be changed frequently, without the labor involved. Outdoor LED sign cabinets are made to withstand the harshest of Texas elements including heat and direct sun exposure. These highly versatile signs are perfect for retail stores, churches, hotels and restaurants—and for any organization who desired to change messages frequently.

Let the professionals at SIGMA help you with your illuminated sign. Separating us from many sign shops is our ability to take you from design concept to final installation by our Texas Licensed Electrical Sign Contractors.

Non Illuminated Signs
Exterior non illuminated signage is a cost effective ways to grab the attention and guide customers to your place of business. They can be installed directly to your building facade and monument signs. Some of the most common applications include; Exterior Building Signs, Directional Signs, Monument Signs and Wayfinding SIgns.

Dimensional outdoor signs are made from durable materials such as acrylic, PVC, aluminum, along with different metals, wood, plastic and high density foam. These materials have different applications and when used in the proper environments will last, in many cases, a lifetime.

Because of the almost endless possibilities, Dimensional letters and logos can take your brand to the next level. Sign options are countless when it comes to fonts, shapes, colors and finishing. From injection molded lettering to flat cut lettering to prismatic or sculpted faces. Using your own art files, or files one of our experienced graphic artists create for you, we can help create a custom three dimensional piece of art so your brand can be displayed in a stunning and beautiful way to your audience.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and installing both electrical and non-electrical building signage that is both cost effective and attention-grabbing. All of our signs are created with your design expectations and budget in mind. Call today to schedule a time to meet with one of our sign experts to help you build brand recognition with custom building signage.