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Bring Depth and Character to Your Lettering, to Your Logo… To Your Brand!

Dimensional Letters and Logos, brand your image using a raised dimensional look giving your lettering and graphics a depth that you can’t achieve with standard flat cut vinyl lettering. There are several other common names for Dimensional Lettering signs including; 3-D or Three Dimensional Lettering and Architectural Lettering. Dimensional lettering can be used in both indoors and outdoors and is made from durable materials such as acrylic, PVC, aluminum, along with different metals, wood, plastic and high density foam. These materials have different applications and when used in the proper environments will last, in many cases, a lifetime.

Because of the almost endless possibilities, Dimensional letters and logos can take your brand to the next level. Sign options are countless when it comes to fonts, shapes, colors and finishing. From injection molded lettering to flat cut lettering to prismatic or sculpted faces. Using your own art files, or files one of our experienced graphic designers create for you, we can help create a custom three dimensional piece of art so your brand can be displayed in a stunning and beautiful way to your audience.

3-D lettering and logos can be created from your own art files, to create a completely custom three dimensional sign utilizing your personal design or company branded logo. Dimensional letters & logos are one of the easiest way for your customers and clients to know where you are and to leave a lasting impression in their memory.

Exterior Dimensional Lettering signage is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention and guide customers to your place of business. They can be installed directly to your building facade and monument signs. Some of the most common applications include; Exterior Building Signs, Directional Signs, Monument Signs and Wayfinding SIgns.

Indoor Three Dimensional Lettering and Logos can bring your office or retail space to life. Letters and Logos can be directly tape mounted, pin mounted and also can stand off the wall using spacers for additional depth. Your brand can also be applied to a backplate to add yet another layer of depth. Many backplate options are also available such as wood, acrylic, aluminum and hi-density foam.

Because of the endless choices with this sign type, many of our customers find it helpful to meet with one of our industry experts to help deliver a final, installed product that matches their expectations and budget. No matter if it is a simple sign on your building or an intricate lobby sign, SIGMA Signs will help your lettering – your logo and your brand stand above and beyond the rest!